The Weekly Vista No. 2

This week has been all sorts of challenging. On Sunday, I experienced the continuation of technology issues that had me without a computer for most of the week. There have also been two well-known individuals who have taken their own lives this week. This week, for me, started with a lot of stress and then had these two pointed reminders of what stress and pressure can do to our mental state. I have struggled with depression, most recently as I was in my postpartum recovery. As a society, we put a LOT of pressure on ourselves. The pressure to be perfect, adequate in every aspect of life, giving 1000% to all that we do, not bringing home the scrapes to our families…the list could go on and on. So, before I get into my weekly round-up, I just want to say to you (and to myself) that you are enough. Let this pressure come off of your chest. You are perfect in your imperfections and God will use you to do great things. If you are struggling, it is okay to say that! Seeking help is a sign of strength, not of weakness. And I believe in your worth.

If you’ve got a few minutes…
Trash is for Tossers: How To Recycle Old Clothing
Motherly: Montessori at home: why punishment doesn’t work—but consequences do
Lemon Stripes: Can’t wait to try this recipe! Veggie-Packed Toddler Muffins
The Balanced Life: This is my FAVORITE workout program and Robin is running her hugely popular Mind Body Challenge again this month. Sign up for the free program here.

Our favorite recipes and meals!
Finite Foodie: Pesto Pasta with Green Beans
Jar of Lemons: Vegan Turmeric Bowl
Kara Lydon: Vegan Loaded Sweet Potato

Things I’ve got my eye on
Red Wagon for the little man
A Montessori toy for object permanence
Pilates ring for some of The Balanced Life workouts
Ticket To Ride because who doesn’t love a good board game?!

What’s New?
I started a new Pinterest board with food ideas for babies and toddlers!
I’ve started this new weekly roundup series! You can read the first post here.

As always, thanks for reading! If you’d like me to add any sections to the weekly roundup, comment on this post.


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