Five Easy Ways to Go Green

Making more environmentally friendly choices can feel incredibly overwhelming. When I think about all the waste our family produces, it is sometimes a bit disheartening. That’s why I wanted to round up five easy ideas for going green. These changes are simple to make and will help you start moving in a more environmentally friendly direction!

I specifically chose things that are not incredibly standard just yet, like reusable water bottles, buying second hand items, stainless steel straws and such. I figured you probably have heard about those things!

  1. Dental Floss – Honestly, I didn’t even think about the waste dental floss causes until I can across Dental Lace on the Package Free Shop’s website. The entire package is designed with the planet in mind AND you can get refills so you don’t need to get new containers every time you need more floss.
  2. Wet It Swedish Dish Cloths – I’ve shared these before, but they are still a huge favorite of mine. These can take the place of paper towels and sponges, both of which end up in the trash ultimately. These are 100% biodegradable too!
  3. Home Cleaning Supplies – When I was in college, my mom got me the Shaklee Clean Starter Kit, which comes with supplies to make your own home cleaning supplies. Guys, I STILL have this same set with plenty of supplies left and I got it approximately eight years ago. Now, you may be wondering if I ever clean my home. As my husband can confirm, ALL THE TIME. How much do you spend on cleaning sprays/supplies in a year? You could make your own and not create additional bottles waste for a fraction of the cost. Seriously, check it out.
  4. Cloth Diapers and Wipes – This one is specific to parents of young children obviously, but I would highly recommend looking into cloth diapering if you are able to. The amount of waste produced by disposable diapers is insane. (Look it up sometime.) We ended up using Charlie Banana diapers and wipes. I’ll be sharing more about our thoughts after a year of using them in a separate post, but even though it hasn’t always been easy, it has been so worth it. (If you are wanting to learn more about cloth diapering, I highly recommend Fluff Love University.
  5. Loose Leaf Tea – Did you know there is plastic in tea bags? Sure, it is only trace amounts, but it has been found there! In an effort to limit my exposure to plastic and create less waste, I transitioned to loose leaf tea. There are various shops that offer this kind of tea, so I’d recommend checking out what local vendors you have! You’ll need to get a tea pot with an infuser (this one looks super cute), but that’s all you need. Better yet, the loose leaf tea can easily go into a compost pile or worm bin.

I’d love to hear what easy things you’ve done to make your home and life more environmentally friendly! Drop me a comment below.


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