What’s Different About Tomorrow?

Well, tomorrow is another year and something about that creates a lot of anxiety and stress! The start of a new year is often a time to set new goals, create resolutions, commit to making changes in your life…all good things to be thinking about. Yet, year after year, the statistics come out that scores of people (up to about 80-90%) abandon their resolutions by about February.

I’ve never had a negative perspective on resolutions, but that could be because I don’t really do them too much. I typically set goals for each year around my birthday. But I do appreciate the idea of having a fresh start with the new year. I often find that the winter months, specifically the longer hours of darkness, cause me to want to exercise less and eat more. So, the start of a new year is also a start toward more sunlight, which helps to drive my motivation.

So this all has gotten me thinking, what is really all that different about tomorrow for you? For me, it’s an opportunity to see where priorities may have gotten out of whack over the holidays and straighten those up. It’s also a time to see where self-care has fallen down and create some strategies to improve there.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the start to a new year and how you are approaching it! Share your thoughts below in the comments. 

One Reply to “What’s Different About Tomorrow?”

  1. The past few years I have come up with a word for the year in place of resolutions. My goal is to apply that word to most things I do by contemplating how that should look and then taking action. Last year my word was Presence. I wanted to spend more time in God’s presence and also to be more present with friends and family by being a better listener. I’m still working on my word for 2019, but I’m getting closer!

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