2019 Word of the Year and Goals

Last year, I started doing a “Word of the Year” as I’ve found that resolutions are not really my things. (Although I am a fan of goals, which is why I’ve included some here!) As you can read in my post from last January, I chose “grace”. This wasn’t so much about being more graceful, although I’m sure I could use that! But about giving myself grace because life is hard. Honestly, I could probably use this focus again this year, but, alas, I’ve chosen a different work.

My 2019 work, as ironic as it sounds to me and everyone I know, is Simplify. Now, this might seem ridiculous to some of you, because it felt ridiculous to me. I mean, my life is anything but simple.

But, I’ve really come to recognize that in order to be the best wife, mom, employee, friend, daughter, sister, etc. that I can be, I need to simplify a few things. Here are some ways I’m thinking of doing that:

  • Ask for help. I can’t do it all (no one can) and I am just no longer able to even really pretend like I can try. I’ve recognized there are some areas that just cause me greater stress or anxiety than others and I need to ask for help in those areas.
  • Make self-care a priority. Literally, self-care hasn’t even hit my priority list pretty much all year. There’s always something else to do, and I have often made excuses to not work harder at this. But it’s been causing some damage, and I’m planning on focusing more on that this year.
  • Find my joy. I love a lot of things and love many many people. But I have found that life has gotten so crazy that I’ve lost my source of joy. Not because the things I’m doing don’t make me happy or fill me with passion. But because I have not fed my soul deeply enough to be able to pour over with joy.

With this all in mind, I’m going to take a step back and actually say that these three things represent my simplified list of goals for the year. (I had a lot more last year!) I am pretty sure that if I focus on these items, the rest will follow.

What is your word of the year? Do you have any goals for 2019?

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