My Pregnancy Ramblings: No. 1

There are a lot of things about pregnancy that are interesting, useful, inspiring, terrifying…you name it. The Internet can be a scary place for pregnant moms (and new moms). That’s why I’ve decided to create this mini series where I’ll just share assorted ramblings and things that have come to mind over the course of my pregnancy. I hope they give you a good laugh, help you keep things light-hearted in your pregnancy, and allow you to feel a bit more normal about all the wild things that are happening right now!

  1. I can’t decide if I’m glad that my toddler is keeping me so active in this pregnancy, or if I’m a little mad about it because I am SO TIRED.
  2. I’m glad my body knows what it is doing this time. I was so looking forward to maternity pants, that I’m really glad I got to start wearing them about 3 months earlier this time around.
  3. If you look at rice long enough, it looks like little squirmy bugs. Safe to say, I took a bit of a break from eating plain white rice for a little while.
  4. The berries are all mine. I’m sorry, no exceptions will be considered. Also, I will be commandeering all the pickles now. Again, no exceptions. Not even for you little toddler…okay, maybe for you.
  5. I’m confident “pregnancy glow” is a total myth. First pregnancy: pregnancy glow was just excessive sweat. Second pregnancy: no one has even told me I have a pregnancy glow, that’s how prominent the bags under my eyes must be.

If you have any pregnancy ramblings that you’d like to share, post those in the comments below!

2 Replies to “My Pregnancy Ramblings: No. 1”

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