Pregnancy Ramblings No.2

This is the second in my ongoing (and sporadic) series of random ramblings about pregnancy. (You can read my thoughts earlier on in the pregnancy here.) This pregnancy continues to be such a different experience than the first! Here are my ramblings…

  1. I know that this baby will obviously be different than our son, but one thing is for sure. They both had a passion for alerting me when they felt my bladder was invading “their space”.
  2. I’m not sure if buying half of the Lowe’s plant section counts as “nesting”, but that is what I’m telling my husband.
  3. During my first pregnancy I (and everyone else) was so concerned about how much I was lifting. Like everything had to be lifted delicately, and if it was heavier than a feather, I was not touching it! Well, my son is about 25lbs on his own, so I’m just going to refer to myself as super-mom from now on.
  4. If you thought being sick while caring for a sick child (and/or spouse/partner) was bad, you’ve obviously not been sick while pregnant while caring for a sick child (and/or spouse/partner).
  5. The first time around, I cut out all caffeine from my life. This time, not so much. But then again I was getting like 8-10 hours of sleep a night during my first pregnancy and this time I’m lucky to bet 7 so I think it’s fair.

Pregnancy is a funny, weird, and crazy thing! I’d love to hear your pregnancy ramblings in the comments below.


One Reply to “Pregnancy Ramblings No.2”

  1. Late in my first pregnant, I was 7 months, I pull up the carpet and declared that we needed to refinish the floors in our house. I call it nesting. 😂 It ended up being a godsend that Sam stayed in the NICU for a month because our floors were still drying and smelly the week I delivered.

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